What I can do for you

Fit a new cat flap or dog door into

  • Doors - wooden, uPVC, aluminium or steel; glazed or double glazed
  • Windows - single or double glazed; sash or casement
  • Walls - solid or cavity brickwork, breeze block, timber-framed, etc.

Replace your old pet door with a new model

  • Microchip cat flap or pet door - no need for your pet to wear a collar
  • Manual 2-way or 4-way locking - classic designs
  • Magnetic and infra-red models - requires a collar to be worn

Provide your cat with access from the ground to a remote cat flap

  • Window ledge enables access to a window mounted cat flap
  • Cat step / stairs to access cat flaps mounted above a cat's reach
  • Walkway / Ramp to access an upper floor window

I also supply all types of pet door at competitive prices

If you want to know more then make an enquiry via theĀ Contact page

SureFlap Through Wall