If you have an existing pet door that has seen better days or wish to upgrade to a better specified model then I can advise you on your options before providing a supply and / or installation service. For further information see the Contact page

On the other hand you may have had an unfortunate experience. This is an example of some remedial work that I carried out


This relatively expensive cat flap, a SureFlap microchip model, was installed in a replacement double glazed glass door panel without the fitting kit. The result wasn't pretty Existing Cat Flap
Existing Cat Flap Detail

Plastic beading was used to fill up the space between the square edges of the SureFlap and the round hole in the glass. The round hole is normal as this is the only way to safely cut through glass. Note the silicone which was used in abundance to seal the opening

This may have sealed the opening, but it also sealed off the access panels that are located either side of the SureFlap which are used to install the batteries. Batteries were not installed either, which would have least given up to 12 months use. The SureFlap therefore could not be used as intended and could only function as a manual cat flap

Once cleaned up and refitted using a glass fitting kit the result is much tidier. The SureFlap now operates as it should. Note the step that was added to aid entry as the step up was rather high. Normally the pet door would be located much lower in the glass with due consideration for your pet's size. An experienced pet door fitter would know this Refurbished Cat Flap